Saturday, April 3, 2010

EMAS Easter study tour - Day 3

We started the day at Wirkworth Church with its superb Anglo-Saxon sarcophagus. This is probably of late 7th century date (the date is based on the crucifixion scene which shows an Angus Dei on the cross instead of Jesus – a motif which was banned by the church in 692) and shows 8 scenes: Christ washing the feet of the disciples; the Crucifixion; the burial of the Virgin; the Presentation in the Temple; the descent into hell of the worst sinners; Christ ascending to heaven; the Annunciation; The Virgin holding Christ as a baby who holds a scroll in one hand and points to Peter with the other, indicating that the Word should be spread through him.

Next to Tides Low Neolithic barrow which is in a rather sorry state of preservation.

We then visited Peveril Castle – a Norman keep in a superb situation, well worth the rather steep climb to get to it.

Finally, we visited Roche Abbey, a Cistercian abbey founded 1147, although the surviving buildings date to c. 1170.