Thursday, April 1, 2010

The EMAS Peaks and Fens Study Tour: Day 1

The weather was much kinder than promised and we got off to a good start. An early departure from Baker Street, and we were at our first stop, Rushton Triangular Lodge at 11:00.

The building is an amazing structure. It was planned by Thomas Tresham (d. 1605) when he was in prison and is a celebration of his Catholic faith. The triangular shape and the trefoils that decorate each group of three triangular windows not only reflect the Trinity, but also Tresham’s nickname of Tres. The walls are 33 feet long and 3 Latin texts, each 33 letters long, run around the building on each fa├žade.

After lunch at the Anne of Cleves in Melton Mowbray, we drove on to Rufford Abbey, a Cistercian monastery, founded by Gilbert de Gant in or about 1147, and colonized with monks from Rievaulx abbey.

Finally, arrival at Chesterfield which will be our base for the trip.